At first, it was just a dream. Born of the imagination of a team of motorcycle and sidecar specialists. They envisioned a sleek and purposeful outfit sporting stunning looks and revolutionary technology. The initial aims for the project, and hence the outfit's intended performance levels, were very ambitious indeed: electronic engine management system, electronic fuel injection, catalytic converter, electronic ABS, shaft drive... All assembled using the best techniques and top quality components, to guarantee impressive reliability and ease of maintenance.

There aren't many motorcycles on the market today that could match this project's very high standards. As it tuned out, BMW's luxurious grand tourer, the K1100, was the only one that successfully fitted the bill. Yet, it took years of tireless development work and component testing to create this amazing machine. There were moments of great joy, and equally great disillusionment, as the dedicated research team toiled away to find the best possible solutions for the project.

And one day, the dream came true. A uniquely exotic combination of luxury and avant-garde technology.  It's name: GG duetto: Its aim: to generate new and intense emotions in whoever beholds, touches or drives it.

The following pages will help whet your appetite. However, nothing can prepare you for the actual experience of living with the GG duetto: a new dimension in sidecar driving awaits you...

Careful development work, precision engineering and high quality finish: the front swingarm, the steering components, the brake caliper and levers were all entirely developed by GG and built on the firm's modern CNC machines

State-of-the-art technology: the front wheel is connected to an aluminum single-sided swingarm. Hub-centered steering, manually adjustable gas shock absorber, ABS, internally ventilated disc brake, eight piston brake caliper, 14 inch aluminum  wheel, low profile sports 185/50-14 tires. The result of this impressive show of technological strength is extremely sensitive and precise steering and braking in all conditions


A dream come true: curved and harmonious lines, futuristic technology and high build quality have all come together to create the GG duetto. The result is a fascinating combination of new techniques, thrilling design, and strong visual impact

To guarantee maximum driving pleasure and stability, the rigid sidecar chassis, made of sealed square steel tubing, is mounted very low. Wheel suspension with trapezoid and adjustable spring/damper-element. The fuel tank is aluminum; the fuel pump and battery are positioned low down, adjacent to the sidecar wheel.

A sound base: torsion-resistant, light cradle frame construction,  single-sided swingarms front and rear, shaft drive, electronic engine management system, three-way catalytic converter and electronic ABS. The frame and propulsion unit of the BMW K 1100 complements the sidecar perfectly

Extravagant, beautiful and light: the metal alloy wheel was developed and produced by GG in association with MARCHESINI, the well-known Italian manufacturer

Yet another fine touch: a small switch allows the height of the window to be adjusted

Absolute safety is a must: the GG duetto's electronic ABS ensures maximum riding control, even during emergency braking situations

The beauty and handling of the GG duetto sidecar open up a whole new captivating world of motorcycling pleasure. Try it, and discover what the future holds in store for the sidecar enthusiast!


A whole new concept in sidecar enjoyment

Access to the sidecar is via a large hood, which is opened and closed by electric motor. The wide trunk unlocks from the inside. Wraparound seat and carpeting increase the passenger's comfort. And for that ultimate touch of class, why not order one of the radios or CD players that are available as optional extras?


Engine: BMW DOHC inline 4 cylinder, 4 stroke, 16 valve, liquid cooled. 1092 cc displacement. Electronic engine management system (Motronic), electronic fuel injection, catalytic converter, five speed gearbox, dry clutch, shaft drive, maximum torque: 107 N.M. at 5,599 rpm.

Chassis: square tube cradle frame. Front: single sided GG swingarm with hub-center steering and adjustable gas shock absorber. Rear: BMW single sided swingarm with adjustable shock absorber. Sidecar chassis made of sealed square steel tubes. Wheel suspension with trapezoid and single shock absorber.

Brakes: Front: internally ventilated disc, 8 piston caliper, electronic ABS. Rear: disc and 2 piston caliper. Sidecar: disc and 2-piston caliper.

Wheels and tires: GG/MARCHESINI alloy wheels. 6 x 14" front, 6 x 15" rear, 6 x 14" sidecar. Tires: 185/50-14 VR front,  195/50-15 VR rear,  185/50-14 VR sidecar.

Sidecar body: GFK laminate. Hood opened and closed by electric motor. Height adjustable window.

Fuel tank capacity: 38 liters
Dry weight: 410 kg
Maximum capacity: three people

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